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Corns and Callus

Corns (heloma durum) and callus (hyperkeratosis) are common skin problems affecting people of different ages. These conditions can often be the source of significant pain and discomfort, leading to reduced mobility and quality of life. 

Callus is an area of thick, hardened skin that develops over an area of the foot exposed to repeated pressure or friction. This is the body’s natural defence mechanism to pressure and initially is not painful. However, if allowed to build up too much calluses can become quite uncomfortable. 

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corns and callus
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Frequently asked questions about Corns and Callus

Why does my corn/callus keep coming back?

Without addressing the causative factors, callus/corns will continue to form. The rate of recurrence is based on the degree of pressure or friction. If you are not satisfied with how frequently you are experiencing recurrence of your symptoms, make an appointment and we can discuss options to slow or prevent your corns or callus from forming.

Are pumice stones effective at removing callus?

We find that these home abrasive devices can be effective in slowing reformation of corns and callus. Once a corn has formed or callus is sufficiently thick, no amount of pumice-ing will remove it! If you are going to use these devices, please be careful not to damage healthy skin in the process.

What happens if a corn is left untreated?

In a healthy individual if there is no pain/discomfort and not affecting gait there is no urgency to remove it. However in the case of individuals who are immunocompromised, have diabetes or poor peripheral blood flow a podiatry review is recommended. 

If these lesions are causing pain and changing the way that you are walking, then it is imperative that these are treated. A long term limp can lead to changes in how joints are used (knees, hips and lower back) and arthritic changes as a result.

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