Every foot is different. We take an individualised approach and design orthotics that are made exactly for you!

Orthotics are used to improve your foot’s function and improve the way you are moving.

We conduct a thorough biomechanical assessment to determine the exact cause of your foot/leg pain. This assessment will determine the prescription for your orthotic and will then allow our 3D orthotic laboratory to start the manufacturing process, using a combination of 3D printing, Computer aided design (CAD) and handmade finishing touches.

All of our orthotics are 100% designed and manufactured  in Australia.


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Frequently asked questions about Orthotics

How do you make orthotics?

Once we have determined if orthotics are necessary and suitable for you, we take take a 3D scan of your feet. These scans are then used in combination with our biomechanical assessment to have an orthotic manufactured at our laboratory. This process takes 2 weeks from the 3D scan to the day you receive your devices.

Can I use ones that I purchased at a pharmacy?

Pharmacy or other store bought devices may help with your foot pain. There are many different types and designs of store-bought orthotics and it is impossible to know if the ones you have are appropriate for you feet without an assessment. One thing we can say is that in general, store-bought orthotics offer only minimal support to the foot. Custom orthotics give the podiatrist the ability to use their expertise to design a device that will get the best function from your feet.

Do I really need them?

It is difficult to answer this question without a biomechanical assessment. However, if your foot/leg pain gets worse with increased use or activity then there is a good chance that the way your foot functions is contributing to your pain. This is something that can be addressed with orthotic therapy.

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